Interested in FREE FTP network previews?
Give Micrograms software a trial run at your school.
There is no charge for this service, and nothing to return.

The programs provided are complete, fully-functioning, versions installable in network environments for lab or other school-wide use. They are licensed to your school for preview and delivered over the Internet via FTP transfer. ( FTP is an acronym for F ile T ransfer P rotocol.) The programs' Easy Track management system also is included. The software is yours to use with staff and students for three weeks, after which its usage period automatically expires. There is nothing to return.

How the process works
1) Read the FTP School Preview Rules.

2) Verify that you can receive FTP transfers via your Internet connection at school. This process takes about a minute to do. First-time FTP users may need more time (perhaps five minutes or so) to read the directions and complete the test.

3) Select the programs you want to try. Use either a recent catalog or our website to make your choices.

4) E-mail us your requests and the contact information described below.

5) We check your request for compliance with the FTP School Preview Rules , and send you a return e-mail within two work days containing brief directions plus your user name and password for your folder on our FTP site.

6) You download your selected programs from our FTP site using the same process you used succeessfully in step 1 above. Put the programs on to your network (recommended) or stand-alone machines for use by students and staff.

Start right now!

1. Click here to read the FTP School Preview Rules.

2. Verify that you can receive FTP transfers.

3. Select the programs you want to try.

4. Then e-mail to us:

1) your name and position,
2) school name and address,
3) school phone number, and
4)programs requested (limit 3) .
5) Specify Windows or Mac OS X, and
6) start date ... ASAP or MM/DD/YY.

After we receive your request
We will verify your request complies with the FTP School Preview Rules , complete the licensing of the requested programs to your school for preview, and post them to your folder on our FTP site. Then, we'll send you a return e-mail with a new user name and password for you to use in downloading your requests. How fast we get back to you with that information will depend on the volume of requests we are then processing.

How much time your actual download takes depends on the size of the programs you requested, the speed of your connection, and the intensity of Internet traffic at the time. You may download the programs anytime within the week after you receive your e-mail. Your three week (plus grace days and school vacation periods) free preview clock ticks from the time we send your e-mail.

We sincerely hope your school's students and staff enjoy and benefit from this opportunity to use on a free trial basis programs from Micrograms Software.