FTP Transfer Test
2012 - 2013

To verify that you can receive FTP transfers via your Internet connection at school, please follow the following procedure.

Use a Windows XP machine (or above) with Internet Explorer or a Mac OS 10.4 to OS 10.6.8 machine with Safari. Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) won't run Micrograms programs.

Do not use Firefox as your browser. Other browsers also may not open FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites smoothly or at all.

Click on the link below to open our FTP site in another window. (If you get an "FTP root" window at this point or even after you enter your user name and password, follow direction on that screen to open our site in Windows Explorer. Look for the "Page" icon at the upper-right of the new window, if you need to find that.) Directions are vague here because different versions of Windows display things a bit differently. The goal, however, is to open our FTP site with Windows Explorer or Safari on the Mac.

Go to ftp://ftp.micrograms.com/

Wait a moment for the Log On box to appear. Enter blocktest_2 as the User Name (if not already shown) and hopeful.2 as the password. Then click the Log On button.

After a search, a PDF file should appear. (Easy Track Guide.pdf)

Copy the PDF file you see to your desktop.

If you can copy the PDF file successfully, then we can send you by this same FTP process your requested previews at no charge.

If your browser did not bring up a Log On box or if you received an error message of some kind, then either your Internet browser doesn't do FTP transfers, or your district's technology blocks FTP transfers to district machines.

If your school computer is blocked, but you have a cable or DSL connection at home; you could download the material there, copy it to a USB flash drive, and bring it to school. Also, if you have a good relationship with your district tech department, you could notify them you wish to do an FTP download from Micrograms. They can arrange to give you a temporary "window" in your block, during which you can do the FTP download.

FTP technology is an economical, convenient, and quick way to get fully functioning programs to schools for free use and assessment by teachers and students. For some schools, FTP blocks are a bump in the road. We are hopeful those schools affected can find workarounds that will allow them access to our free preview materials.