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ABC World
Reading Readiness Skills
Grades Pre K - 2

box box Visit a colorful undersea world to work on preschool and early learning reading readiness skills! Friendly sea animals help children in matching letters, identifying letters, learning beginning sounds, recognizing basic sight words, pairing rhyming words, and matching opposites. Rosette the crab helps children put pictured events in the correct sequential order.

Animated characters give directions and guide prereaders to success. Program options allow activities to be tailored to individual needs. Summaries and printouts enable careful tracking of student performance.

Program Options: Teachers can easily tailor activities to individual needs. While working with letters, include them all or select a specific letter or group of letters for children to practice and master. When learning Dolch sight words, start with the 20 most commonly encountered words by selecting list 1. Select any one or more of the eleven 20-word lists, or build your own customized list of words for students to practice.

Options and Easy Track: Set activity options for the whole class all at once or for any selected group or individual.

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Targeted Learning Objectives

Visual Discrimination
The Child...

matches the 26 capital letters.

matches the 26 lower-case letters.

Letter Recognition
The Child...

matches upper case to lower case letters.

identifies the 26 spoken upper case letters.

identifies the 26 spoken lower case letters.

associates given consonants with initial sounds.

The Child...

reads the 220 basic Dolch sight words.

identifies rhyming words.

pairs words with opposite meaning.

The Child...

arranges pictures depicting a common

event in the proper sequence.

more Alpha Betty Shutterbug Jake Mathosaurus I

Student Records: A summary screen provides feedback on student performance for the latest session, last 5 sessions, and cumulative work to date. Scores may be viewed as number right/total, as a percent, or as a letter grade. The child can view the summary as a star chart. Student records may be printed. Open Easy Track for more detailed records. Compare individual records to class, grade level, or selected group averages. Assess graphs of student growth for any specific learning objective. A variety of charts and graphs may be customized and are available for printing.

Easy Track is included with all Micrograms programs.
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