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Faces and Places
English and Spanish
Grades 3 - 6

box box Join host Bob Treebark for his second big game show hit! One player, two players, or two teams can test their social studies knowledge in a challenging game of Faces and Places. Choose from over twenty existing game categories including States, Capitals, Geography Terms, U.S. Cities, Native Americans, Famous Women, African Americans, Presidents, the American Revolution, and more. Also, have students follow a simple format to write and insert data for categories that correspond directly to your curriculum, your community, to current events, or to special student projects.
Bob's game show question and answer format is great for building knowledge in specific areas and also can be used to focus on vocabulary and spelling. Unscrambling Vanessa's letter clues exercises critical thinking skills.

Program Options: Accomodates one player, two players, or teams. Use provided data in either English or Spanish. Add your own data to existing game categories, and create new game categories. Level 1 challenges beginners. Level 2 tests knowledge of complete data sets, providing clues. Level 3 promotes mastery of category data.

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Targeted Learning Objectives

The student answers questions in the following
history and geography categories:

African Americans

American Colonies

American Indians

American Revolution


Civil War


Famous Women

Geography Terms


Midwest States

Northeast States

Oceans and Continents



Southeast States

Southwest States

Space Exploration


U.S. Cities

Western States

The student works individually or in small groups
to write additional questions and answers to correlate
with their curriculum.

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Student Records: A summary screen provides feedback on student performance for the latest session, last 5 sessions, and cumulative work to date. Scores may be viewed as number right/total, as a percent, or as a letter grade. Student records may be printed. Open Easy Track for more detailed records. Compare individual records to class, grade level, or selected group averages. Assess graphs of student growth for any specific learning objective. A variety of charts and graphs may be customized and are available for printing.

Easy Track is included with all Micrograms programs.
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