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The Super Science Show
English and Spanish
Grades 3 - 6

box box Friendly Bob Treebark hosts the Super Science Show where one or two contestants have fun with third, fourth, and fifth grade science. Players can play against a friend or challenge a computer contestant at one of six levels of difficulty. Select a game category and choose a 300, 400, or 500 point question. Tick-Tac-Toe strategy becomes a little more complex on nine boards simultaneously! For increased learning opportunities, have student groups write additional questions to correlate directly with your lessons.

Animated characters give directions and guide players to success. Program options allow activities to be tailored to individual needs. Summaries and printouts enable carefull tracking of student performance.

Program Options: Two students may compete against one another, or one student may compete against a selected computer contestant. You may also choose to display The Super Science Show for the entire class and play with teams. Play at Level 1, or for a longer game requiring more strategy, level 2. Use provided data within 9 science categories, or add your own data.

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Targeted Learning Objectives

The student answers questions in the following
science categories:



The Earth



The Human Body



The Universe

The student works individually or in small groups
to write additional questions within the 9 science categories.

more Faces and Places That Spelling Is Right!!

Student Records: A summary screen provides feedback on student performance for the latest session, last 5 sessions, and cumulative work to date. Scores may be viewed as number right/total, as a percent, or as a letter grade. Student records may be printed. Open Easy Track for more detailed records. Compare individual records to class, grade level, or selected group averages. Assess graphs of student growth for any specific learning objective. A variety of charts and graphs may be customized and are available for printing.

Easy Track is included with all Micrograms programs.
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