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Word Zapper
Grades 2 - 6

box box Word Zapper provides fast-paced spelling practice challenging students to identify and "zap" misspelled words, and effectively compiles individualized focus lists of troublesome words for each student to practice and master. Good spelling is rewarded with a bonus round as students strive for high scores. Misspelled words are added to a student's focus list and practiced at the end of the activity.

Program Options: Select a difficulty level of 1-6, corresponding with grade level. Level 1 is comprised mostly of sight words. Levels 2 through 6 each contain over 1,000 words for grades 2 through 6 respectively. You may edit these lists, or create and modify your own lists.

Options and Easy Track: Set activity options for the whole class all at once or for any selected group or individual.

screen shot screen shot

Targeted Learning Objectives

The student ...

edits word lists to differentiate between words that are spelled correctly
and incorrectly.

uses supplied grade level lists to spell correctly at a determined
rate of competency.

uses custom and cumulative lists to spell correctly
at a determined rate of competency.

practices 'focus' (previously misspelled) words to broaden
spelling mastery.

more That Spelling Is Right!! Chuck Wagon Bill Top Readers' Club

Student Records: A summary screen provides feedback on student performance for the latest session, last 5 sessions, and cumulative work to date. Scores may be viewed as number right/total, as a percent, or as a letter grade. Student records may be printed. Open Easy Track for more detailed records. Compare individual records to class, grade level, or selected group averages. Assess graphs of student growth for any specific learning objective. A variety of charts and graphs may be customized and are available for printing.

Easy Track is included with all Micrograms programs.
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