Teacher Comments

"Both students and staff think Micrograms software is wonderful. The students are entertained by the graphics while they are learning essential skills. The programs we have complement the curriculum and have greatly helped with improving skills and understanding."
Janet Johnson
Computer Lab Coordinator
Rockford, Illinois

"Children stay focused on these programs, and they certainly do complement our curriculum objectives. We find that they fit nicely with state standards."
Maxine Morning
Computer/Tech. Coordinator
Fontana, California

"Extremely user-friendly and wonderfully easy to use on the Network."
Eva Vandrei
Computer Aide
Latham, New York

"The kids love these programs. Each school is very pleased with their students' enthusiasm. Our math curriculum is standards based and these programs align with the standards well. Thank you..."
Rikki Nevins
Reading Teacher/Computer
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

"Micrograms' software complements and sometimes exceeds our curriculum objectives. The software is user friendly and age-appropriate."
Trent Robertson
Tech Resource Teacher
Rochester, Minnesota

"It is educational and still fun - what a winning combination! Wild West Math and Chuck Wagon Bill's Language Skills fit in perfectly with our math and writing goals."

Linda Holtgrave
Technology Assistant
Avon, Indiana

"I especially like Micrograms math software. It reinforces math skills in a clear and entertaining manner that makes the kids groan when their lab time is over."
Sheila Garaventa
Computer Lab Tech.
Napa, California

"The variety of ways a concept is expressed in these programs makes it exciting for the students. I like the fact that it covers materials from grades 2 - 5, all in one program."

Sister Vincent Marie
Teacher, Grade 2
Springfield, Minnesota

"Micrograms software is PERFECT! I have been searching for years for drill and practice software which doesn't assault a student's senses or take them too far off task. THANKS!"
Deborah Hanes
Maywood, Illinois

"The children love your software! It's easy for them to use. The graphics and sound are wonderful, and it makes learning fun!"

Brenda Wesselman
Gifted Education Specialist
Wagoner, Oklahoma

"We have several Micrograms programs and have been very pleased with all of them. The students find them very engaging, and they complement our curriculum objectives."
Christine Bush
Technology Specialist
Alpharetta, Georgia

"I like the fact that it is user friendly and gets to the skills quickly. I feel it has been very beneficial in test preparation and skills review."

Nancy Kight
Title One Directort
Foyil, Oklahoma